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Targeted Guide Ads

One of the most difficult things about tourism marketing is reaching your target audience in an effective way. In many cases, the target audience is scattered in large geographical areas as it can include people from various countries. Advertising at through Targeted Guide Ads will solve this problem.


Want to reach out to people intereted in visiting the Colosseum? Or perhaps tourists visiting the National Mall in Washington D.C? Targeted Guide Ads lets you focus your marketing efforts in the specific region you are interested in. This deal is bought on a guide page basis, giving you as an advertiser great power over to whom you want to direct your marketing towards.


The Targeted Ad deal consists of three parts. The deal includes a link on the chosen guide page, as per the Link Ad featured below. The second part is a large rectangle banner ad (336x280), located strategically next to the "Download" button, making it highly visable to anyone downloading the guide. The final part of the Targeted Ad deal is an eight second audio ad featured at the start of the chosen audio guide.


This deal offeres a highly unique combination, where you as an advertiser will reach your target audience on several levels; on a simple link based level, on a visual level with the large banner and on an audial level, ahead of the users journey as well as on site, with the inclusion of the eight second guide audio ad.


The Targeted Ad deal is sold on 6-month or annual basis at a fixed rate.

  • 6 months Target Ad-deal: 120$
  • 12 months Target Ad-deal: 200$

When you have interest in placing a Targeted Ad, send us a mail at and let us know which guide sites you are interesed in. We'd be happy to provide statistics of page impressions, number of guide downloads and much more. We are sure you will discover that this deal is both highly targeted as well as competitative when it comes to price.




Banner Ads offers three banner slots; one Wide Skyscraper (160x600), one Leaderboard (728x90) and one Small Rectangle (180x150). All banners are placed in strategically located spots in order to draw user attention, all ATF (above the fold). See this picture for the banners location. The banners are sold on a CPM (cost-per-1000-impressions) basis at the folloing rates:

  • Wide Skyscraper (160x600): 10$
  • Leaderboard (728x90): 7$
  • Small Rectangle (180x150): 5$

Link Ads

Links ads are a quick and simple way to draw traffic to your site. offeres one link ad on each guide site. The Link Ad is made up of a headline, a text (max 60 characters) and the adress to the linked website. The ad is located in a dominate place on the site, in the middle of the guide text. See this picture for a link example.


The Targeted Ad deal is sold on 6-month or annual basis at a fixed rate.

  • 6 months Link Ad-deal: 20$
  • 12 months Link Ad-deal: 30$

Google Ads is using Google Adsense for Content. In total, four different ad placements are available; Wide Skyscraper (160x600) along the left sidebar, a Large Rectangle (336x280) at the top of the guide pages, a Large Rectangle (336x280) at the botton of the guide pages and a Banner (468x60) at the botton on the submenus. Following the recommentation of the Adsense optimization crew, all the ads are designed to blend in to the overall site design. The ads are also places in key areas where they naturally attract attention from users.







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