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- Montjuïc Communication Tower, Torre Telefónica.



- For the Barcelonan Olympic Games of 1992.


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- Santiago Calatrava.





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Montjuic Communications Tower, Barcelona






Montjuic Tower history


The Montjuïc Telecommunication Tower was built for the Barcelonan Olympic Games in 1992. The construction started in 1989 and when the tower stood completed three years later, the tower was not only a functional TV-tower but also a beautiful centerpiece for the whole Olympic site.



Torre Telefónica

The tower is also known as “Torre Telefónica” or “Torre Calatrava”. The latter name comes from the fact that it was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The design of the 136 meters high tower is also inspired by the Olympics, as it symbolizes an athlete holding carrying the Olympic flame. The base of the tower is covered with mosaic made of broken tile shards – a celebration to the Barcelonan architect Antonio Gaudi, who often used the same technique. 



Giant sundial

While the main functions was to transmit the coverage of the games to the world, a little fun fact is that the tower can also be used as a giant sundial which uses the Europa square to determine the time.




Why visit Montjuic Tower ?


Today the tower, with its dominating view over Montjuïc, is a much appreciated structure for its beautiful smooth shapes. Many people visit the tower together with a visit to Poble Espanyol and Palau Nacional as a part of their Montjuïc trip.




Montjuic Tower location


Montjuic Communications Tower is located in Barcelona, in eastern Spain. The massive tower can be found on Montjuic, in city's Olympic area.  For the exact location of Montjuic Communications Tower, check out the location map to the right.




Montjuic Tower resources

Montjuic Communications Tower

"Torre Telefónica" from below. creative commons Jeff.

Montjuic Communications Tower

A dominating featuree. creative commons Andy_Mitchell_UK.

Montjuic Communications Tower

The tower and the olympic area. creative commons Victor Chapa.

Interactive location map. For a larger and more detailed map, check out our Spain map.


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Europe » Spain » Barcelona » Montjuic Communications Tower

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