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Guide Categories

appian way

The Appian Way of Ancient Rome. (public domain)

Below is a descriptive index of the guide categories provided so far by Please note this list is far from comprehensive; more great sites are getting added each month! Browse the categories below in order to learn more about the destinations and download the audio guides.


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castles of the world hidden gems christian sites

Castles of the World

Explore the world's castles

Hidden Gems

Don't go mainstream!

World Heritage Sites

Find out what the world offers

Castles of the World includes all kinds of fortresses and castles from all over the world. For anyone with a special interest in these massive defensive structures, this category is golden.

Hidden Gems include the sites which the mainstream tourists usually miss out on. If you're looking to stay away from the crows - these are the places to go to!

This category gathers sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. To be listed, sites must be of outstanding universal value for the world.




works of gaudi wonders of the world hindu sites

Works of Gaudi

Follow in the Barcelonan
artist's footsteps

Wonders of
the World

Discover the wonders

Hindu sites

Hindu sites of the world

Antonio Gaudi was a Barcelonan architect who has created some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. This category shows of his most famous works.

Here you can find the world's most spectacular natural wonders and manmade structures, including sites from different Wonders of the World-lists.

This category gathers Hindu sites from all over the world.




buddhist sites ancient rome

Buddhist sites

Sites inspired by Buddhism

Ancient Rome

Explore the Roman Empire

Christian sites

See the greatest christian sites

This category gathers Buddhist sites from all over the world.

During its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from England in the north all the way to the shores of Africa and the Middle East. This category gathers the remains from the greatest ancient empire known to man.

This category gathers Christian sites from all over the world.










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