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Angel at the Protestant Cemetery. zak mc.

Are you sick of always having to elbow your way forward when visiting sites? Then you should definitely check out our Hidden Gems. These are sites which offers something truly unique while at the same time not being the typical destination for the mainstream tourist.


Below is a descriptive index of the sites and destinations classed as Hidden Gems, provided so far by Please note this list is far from comprehensive; more great sites are getting added each month! You can also view these sites on our interactive map by checking out our Hidden Gems map!

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animas forks rome protestant cemetery Palace of Fine Arts paris les invalides church

Animas Forks

Colorado, US

Protestant Cemetery

Rome, Italy

Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco, US

Les Invalides - Church

Paris, France

Animas Forks is an old miners town in rural Colorado. The town is today a one of the most interesting ghost towns around.

It is hard to think of another urban site so wonderfully peaceful. The cemetery's many tall cypress tress together with abundant flowers creates a green shelter where one can escape the city.

The Palace of Fine Arts has one of San Francisco’s most stunning places, consisting of natural beauty combined with spellbinding ruins.

The church of Les Invalides has a strong military background and lays hidden deep within the Les Invalides complex. The church is unlike any other church in France.




germany sleeping beauty castle rome the spanish steps machu picchu peru Golden Gate Bridge

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sababurg, Germany




The Sleeping Beauty Castle is the inspiration for the story of the Sleeping Beauty and one of the highlights of the scenic Fairy Tale Route in Germany.











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