About worldsiteguides.com

Worldsiteguides.com is dedicated to bringing you information about the many wonderful historical sites around the world.

Worldsiteguides.com has three purposes. The first is to be a source of inspiration for your next trip or simply to dream yourself away. Once you have chosen where to go, worldsiteguides.com serves as an aid in planning your journey and deciding what to see. Last but not least, our Audioguides are meant to accompany you on your trip to provide valuable information once you are on-site.

The website

Worldsiteguides.com focuses on the plethora of historical sites found all over the world. We are working hard to bring you guides pertaining to all destinations, however such a large undertaking will take time – rest assured, more and more guides are being added continuously. The current selection is completely random and carries no political or religious weighting.

We find just as much to be fascinated about in the smallest pile of rocks as we do in the largest building complex. We hold no tradition, culture or religion above any other.

The audio guides

Our Audiogides are meant to be used when you are standing in front of the site or monument in question. They are on average between 5-6 minutes long and contain a brief outline of the history and background of the site, as well as some fun trivia. We believe that understanding the history of the site will make your visit more enjoyable. It is also intended to provide you the freedom of walking around on your own, rather than in a large guided group

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, requests or if you find some inaccuracy in our guides.