El Peix history

el peixEl Peix was, together with much of the Port Olimpic, constructed for the Barcelonan Olympic Games of 1992. The fish have also gotten the nickname “Gehry’s Fish” from its creator, the American Frank O Gehry.

He is considered to be one of the most creative contemporary architects, contrasting space, materials and form to create unusual, lively artwork which El Peix is a great example of.


This large sculpture, measuring 35 meters high and 54 meters long, came out of Gehry’s interest and fascination fish imagery and their often extraordinary shapes. The sculpture is made out of stone, glass and steel.

el peixThe colour of the fish actually changes depending on the sunlight. During bright day, the fish has a clear gold shine which shifts to a darker bronze like colour during the evening.

Why visit El Peix ?

El Peix, also known as “The Golden Fish”, is a well known site in Barcelona. Pretty much all visitors have seen it; either from the nearby Barceloneta Beach or from Port Olimpic. The beautiful Golden Fish, with its shiny metal plates, is immediately eye catching and hard to miss.

Port Olympic

el peixWhile El Peix itself is worth a visit on its own, the site surrounding it has even more to offer. Even though the Olympic Games only lasted for a couple of months, the traces it has left behind can still be seen all over Barcelona today.

The Port Olimpic has become one of the key areas in Barcelona, with tons of shopping opportunities and a vast number of restaurants.

Many say El Peix is the perfect centrepiece for the Port, not only for its modern and beautiful shape, but for its symbolism and connection to what it is constantly looking across; the vast Mediterranean Sea.

El Peix location

El Peix is located is located in central Barcelona, in eastern Spain.The spectacular Golden Fish can be found in Port Olimpic, in central parts of the city.  For the exact location of El Peix, check out the location map to the right.

El Peix Video Guide

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