Hannover New City Hall history

Hannover’s New City Hall has a rich history. The “new”-part of its name has been added as the old city hall, which dates back to the Middle Ages, still exists. The name New City Hall is actually fitting – as the building to many peoples surprise – is quite new.

Its size and architectural style make it more akin to a royal palace built when Hanover was the capital of an independent kingdom. Despite its historical and old castle-like looks, the building was constructed in the early 20th century.


The construction of Hanover City Hall started in 1901, designed by the architects Hermann Eggert and Gustav Halmhuber. The New City Hall is built on very swampy grounds, so in order to make the ground capable of holding such a large building, 6000 trunks were rammed into the wet earth.

The Hanover City Hall project was, as you can imagine, a very expensive project.  The municipality of Hanover spent ten million marks to build City Hall, which was a huge sum of money for a city to spend in the early years of the 20th century.


“Ten million Marks, Your Majesty – and all paid for in cash”, announced the proud City Director, Heinrich Tramm, when the Hanover City Hall was opened July 20th 1913 in presence of the Emperor William II. Thus, in total, this beautiful building only took twelve years to construct. Today, the square in front of the City Hall is called Trammplatz, in honor of Heinrich Tramm.

Damage and restoration

During the Second World War, Allied air raids caused heavy damage to the inner city of Hanover. The city was more or less flattened, with only a few buildings standing intact. Luckily, the beautiful Hanover City Hall was one of them.

After the war, the city and its city hall had much reconstruction work ahead of them, but they made it happen. Hanover City Hall gained another restoration prior to the World Expo 2000, which was held in Hanover.

Why visit Hannover New City Hall ?

Some people say Hanover have the most gorgeous city hall in world, and by looking at it one can understand why. Hanover City Hall, with its surrounding area, is one of the most charming places in all of Hanover.


The architectural style of the building is best described as eclectic. This means that the building is not true to one specific style, but is rather inspired and created with a multitude of styles in mind. From the outside the building is grand but elegant, with many entertaining details catching the eye.

The elevator

One very rare piece of technical history, and unique in Europe, is the elevator Hanover City Hall. At a 15-degree angle, the lift climbs 43 meters to the top of the dome, following the shape of the dome.

From this vantage point one can enjoy a marvelous view over the surrounding Maschpark and of the whole city as the dome reaches almost 100 meters above ground. When visibility is good, you can even see as far as to the Harz Mountains in the far distance.


Today, Hanover City Hall is the residence of the mayor. It is here that the political bodies hold their sessions and the receptions for official guests are held. Inside, there are also often interesting arts exhibitions taking place by various artists and craftsmen. There is also a permanent display of four city models, showing four stages of Hanover’s history and its development.

These popular models show Hanover during the Middle Ages, prior and after the Second World War and how modern Hanover looks. The inside of the city hall is also full of interesting sculptures, grand balconies and graceful staircases. The inside once again resembles more of a palace or a castle, than a city hall. It’s simply astounding.

Hannover New City Hall location

Hannover New City Hall is located in Hannover, Germany. The building is situated at the southern edge of the inner city, outside of the historic city center of Hanover. The city hall lies beautifully embedded in the 10 hectare Maschpark. For the exact location of Hannover New City Hall, check out the location map to the right.

Hannover New City Hall Video

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